Chef Phil Joy

Chef Phil Joy

Director of Cooking Classes

Phil Joy is a recognized Executive Chef that is known for his leadership in the hospitality industry as well as for his ongoing innovation and creativity. He is a top graduate of the Caledonian Hotel School in Edinburgh Scotland, and successfully completed a five-year cook’s apprenticeship with British Transport Hotels in England & Scotland. From there, Phil has gained a wealth of experience throughout Europe, Bermuda and Canada as a top hotel & restaurant Executive Chef.

After 20 years of experience as an Executive Chef and successful Restaurateur, Phil was driven to teach and share his experiences with others. In 1990, he moved on from the food service industry and Phil became the Food Writer and later Food Editor for the Edmonton Sun. This grew into a partnership with CTV Alberta where he delivered a weekly cooking show on CTV in Edmonton and Calgary titled “ENJoy cooking with Phil.”

This change in direction proved to be the perfect moment for him to craft his new talent of sharing his knowledge and experience as a Chef and translating this information into easy to understand terms and techniques.

He now oversees and coordinates the Sorrentino’s Cooking Class program and is directly involved in the development and delivery of the current cooking class and education portfolio.

Throughout his career, Phil has had the opportunity to work in several first-class properties while enjoying the privilege of cooking for Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers along with many other dignitaries and celebrities.

His experience as an Executive Chef and Restaurateur provides a solid foundation for supporting his life purpose “to take the professional aspects of cooking and translate them into simple, easy to understand terms and to share the experience with you.”

His passion for cooking coupled with his unswerving commitment in using only the finest and freshest ingredients along with his willingness to share this experience brings the perfect stage to create an unforgettable experience at one of Sorrentino’s numerous cooking class experiences.


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